Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Joining the bloggers

ok so here I go. I think I'm gonna give this a try. I enjoy reading everyone elses blogs I guess its fair they have a chance to peek in on my life as well. I must warn you tho I'm not a woman of highly educated words I'm just a plain simple jane and I'm not a great speller thank the Lord for spell check right!!

To start off, one thing that has suprised me about all the blogs I've read, I swear to you EVERY SINGLE ONE has mentioned one time or another their love for the Twilight series. My sister-in-law has gotten me to read these I've just started the third book and I enjoy the story but I'm not a fanatic like I am with Harry Potter. But still I'm very interested to see if Bella ever becomes a vampire or at least make some way for Edward to get his soul back come on they have to end up together forever, Stephanie is LDS right?!?! hahaha