Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fano family update.....

I thought I was so done with blogging, but then I was up super early this morning thanks to my kids and thought I would catch up on reading everyones blogs. After doing that I wanted to blog again. Its so fun to see everyones families and where they are and what they are doing, I LOVE IT!! Thank you to all those to faithfully blog!

Here is a quick update of my family

Ana has started 1st grade and LOVES it. I miss her during the day but its nice to have more time and attention for the other two because once Ana comes home from school its a whirlwind of craziness....homework, piano, soccer keeps us busy every night until bed time but its a fun time!!

She is such a poser!

Penina turned 3 this year! I failed as a parent because of our busy scheduel I didn't have any presents bought for Penina by the time her birthday arrived, and because Ana had a soccer game the night of Peninas birthday we decided to celebrate the next day. So that night after I put the kids to bed I ran to Walmart and got Peninas presents. I felt bad the whole day because she didn't have any idea it was her birthday, but I made up for it the next day, I got the house decorated and presents wrapped and ready for her to have first thing in the morning!! She seemed to enjoy it and fell asleep with her favorite present from grandma Laraine!!

Tautua is growing so fast and is sooooo busy. He is 11 months and LOVES to climb! I have to trap him sometimes just to get stuff done. He isn't walking yet and I'm not so sure I want him to. He is so different than my girls he is more curious and gets into my cupboards, the girls never really did any of that. The one thing he does that makes me laugh he has figured out how to turn on the bath water. As soon as I turn it off he pulls himself up and turns it on and sits down as fast as he can and screams and laughs.

He is such a monkey, but we love him!!

Friday, August 5, 2011


I need more summer days like this!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I had to throw in some cute pictures of my nephew Cooper, “big blue eyes”!!


It was a Happy Easter despite the weather. We started our weekend off on Friday with and Easter Egg Hunt with the Fano family in our yard, small but it worked!

The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday morning and left the kids a basket of toys and candy!

Saturday the kids hunted eggs at my mom’s house. My mom filled them up with candy and toys galore. Then my dad sent us off on a GPS egg hunt he set up for the adults. I didn't go on it because I had to feed the babe but it was fun to watch as everyone got in their cars and raced off and hilarious to watch as they pulled in and flew out of their cars looking for the last egg. Jethro lost our keys in the process which we later found in the road in front of the neighbors house. I was told later Jethro was racing so fast in the suburban that as he was turning the tires were screeching, so glad I didn't go or I would have been cussing him out for his driving.
When the final egg was found my mom pulled out a case of silly string and everyone went to town!! It was a crazy fun Easter!

I bought the girls Easter dresses back in January so I have been anticipating this day for a long time. I got them all ready for church and even though we were running late I had to get a picture but Penina and Tautua weren't cooperating. Penina kept looking away or not smiling and then Tautua was crying and started crawling away so these are the best I got. I think I am going to re-take them another day when Jethro is there to help me!

And of course whats Easter without colored Easter eggs.....


And Deviled Eggs.....mmmmmmmm


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soap box

I just had to laugh when I saw the title to this article “Study Links Early Introduction of Solid Foods to Obesity” seriously people?? “Researchers” whoever that maybe want to point fingers as to why more and more kids are obese they blame fast food restaurants, school lunches, and now this. In my opinion it’s all about habits! The article starts off saying: “With childhood obesity becoming an increasing concern, many researchers are working to find out what factors contribute to the problem”
Then in a separate article below this one I read: “It is especially important to help our children establish healthy eating and exercise patterns now — the habits we create with them today will carry over throughout their adult lives.”
Well there is your answer “researchers”. Our world has increasingly become “lazy” as compared to times past. We rely on fast food when we are too tired to cook, movies and video games to entertain our children. I admit I rely on these things but I do try to moderate it though. I try to only eat out no more than 2-3 times a week and that includes lunch and dinners which is the two meals I usually buy fast food for. Because I work at home I often rely on TV and movies to keep my kids entertained while I work but again I try to not let it get out of hand. When I feel it’s been too much TV I stop working and make my kids turn off the TV and play with their toys, color or go outside and play on a nice day. Blaming anyone but yourself is ridiculous, it’s all about habits. I’m not saying I am perfect but I find it hard to agree with the government and laws saying my kids can’t have a toy in their happy meal unless it is so many calories or if I start feeding my child solids at 4 months instead of 6 months they have a high chance of being obese. Come on people get real!
If you are still reading this thanks for reading my rants, I just had to get that out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Story of my life...

I just got this book from Ana's book order at school and laughed as I read it because its the story of my life. If you've read it you know what I am talking about! If not I will just briefly explain. Mama Elephant tried to take a bath so she could have 5 minutes alone without her kids nagging at her. But while she is taking a bath each of them come in the bathroom to be with her. They all end up jumping in the bath with mom so she gets out and goes to the kitchen to be alone and not long after the kids follow her into the kitchen.

This is my life to a tee. The kids will be happily playing or watching a movie and so I take the opportunity to sneak off to my room for a power nap but not long after the kids find me in the bedroom and want to be with me. So I leave them playing in my room jumping on the bed or whatever to go in the office to get some work done not long after the kids are in the office with me getting into everything. I do my best give them my attention but some days I just can't stand it. Shower time for me is MY time if I jump in the shower during the day its usually because I needed a break but even then the kids are knocking on the door "mom are you almost done" ; "mom. mom, mom" the best is when the kids are taking a bath themselves (like they are as I type this) I can get five minutes or so of peace while they play in the tub.

I love my kids dearly I love being a mom but I have my moment when I just need some me time and do what I want to do, listen my music, read my books, and watch my movies. Its rare when I get MY time and it usually when i shower where no one can bug me, touch me, ask me to get this or that. I love to take a shower for that reason!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ana's hair

Ana's long hair has been a battle lately I love how it looks but I HATE washing it and combing it and so does Ana. Every time I say "Lets cut your hair Ana" She would say "Noooo" but if I caught her on just the right day she would say "ok" so one day she said "yes" I took her after school and we got it cut.
So we could donate it we got it cut shorter than we planned Jethro wasn't too happy about it when he first saw it but he came around. I was little sad about it as well but the more I play with it I LOVE it. Ana was pretty excited that her hair would be used for kids who need hair. Ana and I both agree that washing and combing it is a much more enjoyable experience even better for me because now I make Ana wash her own hair now that its short I know she can manage that task better than when it was long.