Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sassy kids and no camera

I am so sad I have lost my camera and can't find it anywhere. I've missed out on so many cute pictures and videos to take. Penina is talking up a storm these days although most of it is in her own language. It was so cute one day Ana looked at me with big eyes and said "Mom, Penina can speak Samoan!" Right now Penina loves to watch "Are-Lell" Its so cute when she says it her tongue sticks out and all and she can even sing the "Aaah's" when Ariel is giving her voice to the Sea Witch and I am missing out taking a cute video! Penina is 19 months now and has been to nursery a few times and seems to like it. She is so adorable most of the time but she can be a really big stinker when she wants to be. As you can see in the pictures she can give big attitide for a little girl. Which reminds me on her 18 month check up she wieghed 21 lbs and is in the 15% but her height and head are above average LOL She is a light wieght.

Then there is Ana. She is a fabulous big sister and helps me all the time but if Penina is bugging her WAR breaks out and its only the beginning, I know!! What I have to look forward to!
Ana loves being 5 and talks constantly about going to school and list all her cousins who go to school and how old they are.

I love my girlies so much and I am so excited for the new addition to our family. We will find out what we are having May 26th!!