Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Story of my life...

I just got this book from Ana's book order at school and laughed as I read it because its the story of my life. If you've read it you know what I am talking about! If not I will just briefly explain. Mama Elephant tried to take a bath so she could have 5 minutes alone without her kids nagging at her. But while she is taking a bath each of them come in the bathroom to be with her. They all end up jumping in the bath with mom so she gets out and goes to the kitchen to be alone and not long after the kids follow her into the kitchen.

This is my life to a tee. The kids will be happily playing or watching a movie and so I take the opportunity to sneak off to my room for a power nap but not long after the kids find me in the bedroom and want to be with me. So I leave them playing in my room jumping on the bed or whatever to go in the office to get some work done not long after the kids are in the office with me getting into everything. I do my best give them my attention but some days I just can't stand it. Shower time for me is MY time if I jump in the shower during the day its usually because I needed a break but even then the kids are knocking on the door "mom are you almost done" ; "mom. mom, mom" the best is when the kids are taking a bath themselves (like they are as I type this) I can get five minutes or so of peace while they play in the tub.

I love my kids dearly I love being a mom but I have my moment when I just need some me time and do what I want to do, listen my music, read my books, and watch my movies. Its rare when I get MY time and it usually when i shower where no one can bug me, touch me, ask me to get this or that. I love to take a shower for that reason!!