Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My heart belongs to...

I have given no time for blogging lately so instead of cleaning I'm sitting her blogging. Lately I can't help but feel like I am falling in love with my husband again. We met 10 years ago this month and I've always wondered where we would be 10 years down the road and if we would still feel the same for each other. I can say we are not where I would like to be but we are getting there and no we don't feel the same as we did 10 years ago I think our love is even deeper and stronger. I am so grateful for Jethro. He is a wonderful husband (although he could help with chores a little more hint hint) Jethro is a wonderful dad and does everything he can to make his girlies happy. Jethro wants so much to have all that is good for his family and works hard to achive that. Jethro is very talented and I love to listen to him sing and play the guitar. Jethro is a clown, he loves to make everyone laugh and that draws people to him and he is so out going and friendly. Jethro recently has been called to be a temple worker and he is loving it! I love the spirit that he brings into our home. Jethro stays very busy and is greatly missed during the hours he is at work or away at school or playing guitar for a show or bishopric meeting and many many other things. I sometimes look at him and can't belive he is my husband and that he loves me for who I am no matter what I weight LOL Thank you Jethro for giving me your love and two beautiful girls and one on the way!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy 5 years!!

5 years ago yesterday at 7:34pm after 22 long hours of labor my 1st beautiful wided eyed baby girl was born. Whenever I look at Ana I still try and relive that moment of seeing my baby for the first time and how amazing it was to look into her eyes and call her mine! Where did the time go, my baby is 5 and dying to go to school. Jethro and I felt that this was such a milestone in in her life we wanted to make her birthday really special. So we celebrated for 4 days!! Because her birthday landed on sunday Jethro and I took thursday off of work and took Ana to a place called Jungle Jims, its like the kids part of Lagoon, but indoors. Ana loved it and Penina was able to go on the rides.

One ride was faster then we expected and Penina was squished up against the side of the car with a look of horror on her face but she never cired and even wanted to on it again but I couldn't do that to her so Jethro went with Ana the second time. Then we went to lunch at Marie Calenders and then went home and gave Ana her birthday present early. We gave her a scooter and helmet and took her to Classic Skating.

I haven't been to Classic Skating since I was 14. It was so fun to go back there, that place hasn't changed. Ana rode her scooter and Jethro and I skated. I wanted to hold hands while we skated because thats what you did with the boy you liked back in my day but I was pushing Penina in the stroller and I felt like I was going to fall if I let go LOL.

Ana attempted roller skating but still has a long way to go. It was a fun first day of celebrations. We all crashed when we got home we were so tired.

The next day Ana's cousins came over and she had a sleep over birthday party. We played games, I let them decorate their own cupcakes and then we sang happy birthday. The girls watched a movie and fell asleep.

Then next day I let them play all morning and then took them to Jump On It in the afternoon.

Gracie had to much fun I guess and fell asleep half thru our session. Then I took them back home and let them play the rest of the day before I took the girls home at 5. Sunday Ana was excited to have the primary sing to her and her teacher gave her some cupcakes. Then our plan was to just relax at home but Kim called and asked if we wanted to come up for dinner, I never turn down a meal I don't have to cook especially Kims she is a great cook!!! LOL So we had dinner at Kims and she even had a small birthday cake for Ana. That concluded our 5th birthday celebrations. Ana seemed to really enjoy her birthday.