Thursday, February 18, 2010

fun with masks

For Ana's birthday last year I found a bunch of classic masks in Partyland on clearence so I bought a bunch of them and decorated Ana's party with them. Since then the girls have had a lot of fun playing with them especially Penina, she LOVES to put on a mask and growl at us and try to scare us. It is the cutest thing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ana's role model

Lately my motivation to exercise is simply "I am Ana's role model" A conversation I had with Ana.....

Ana: "Mom, I like your big belly!"

me: "Thanks Ana"

Ana: "Is my belly big?"

me: "No"

Ana: "I wish I had a big belly like you"

I just laughed but explained to her that it not healthy to have a big belly and that mommy needs to exercise.

I try to exercise in the morning before the girls wake up or they want to join me on our small living room floor and they get in my way.

Here is my girls trying to exercise with mommy!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tsunami Damage

SO I never finished posting about our trip to Samoa. We took a driving tour of the tsunami damage. I know there was a LOT of clean up done but there was still a lot of debri and mangled cars along the side of the road. It was so sad to see all the homes that were destroyed and a lot of people living in tents. I can't imagine what a sad sight it was to see immediately after the tsunami was over. I picture families trying to find each other in all the craziness. It was very interesting to see in Pago Pago that some area's were affected badly and some were not. The chapel in Pago is still standing but my sister in-law said that it was flooded and there was a boat in the parking lot. I've seen pictures of the chapel before the tsunami and it was beautifully landscaped but now the grass is just barely growing back in and there are no other plants around, it really was sad to see. The interesting thing was the structures on both sides of the chapel were damaged badly. Jethro explained to me how and where the tsunami hit Samoa and why his parents village was not hit is a miracle. I feel so sorry for those who lost homes and most importantly loved ones in the earthquake and tsunami but I am so grateful that Jethro's parents were safe and there home is still standing strong. Heavenly Father has truly blessed our family in so many ways.

This is Jethro's mom holding Penina in the car, did I mention that in Samoa car seats aren't really a requirement, i think they might be trying to make it a law but while we were there the kids had a blast not having to sit in a car seat. It made me nervous even tho the speed limit around the whole island is 30 mph a lot of damage can still be done if we crashed but we said a prayer every morning and thankfully we did OK!