Thursday, June 25, 2009

My child

Do you remember the dolls called "My Child" This is Penina at 9 months with my old "My child" doll

Penina is now 10 months as of yesterday and she cut her third tooth, her top ones are now coming in. Her bottom two came in a month ago on my 30th birthday, happy birthday to me lol!! She has been so clingy and tired thanks to her teething I can't wait until the next one comes in so we can both be happy!! Penina has been crawling since she was 7 months and she is getting faster at it, it so funny to watch her crawl as fast as she can. She can say "Momma", "Dadda", "Ana" and "baby" She also can stand on her own and has only attempted to take one step and then falls. All in all Penina is a very happy girl she can play on her own for a good while so I can get some chores done and she loves her big sister. She is following in Ana's footsteps when it comes to dogs, she LOVES dogs and when she see's one she attempts to bark it is the cutest thing.

snuggling up to daddy!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

TGFO..Thank goodness for Oxyclean!!

OxyClean is my friend. Some smart person I don't know who, handed my daughter wearing her sunday dress with a white top a chocolate frosted cupcake. She got it all over herself. So I soaked it in oxyclean and washed it and to my surprise it came out looking brand new!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My old journal

Today I starting reading my old journal from when I was ten, it has been hillarious reading all the thing I wrote about and see how bad my spelling was (that still hasn't changed) I found this entery that I wanted to share I wonder if my brother Brad will rememeber this....

May 14 1990 My little brother Brad just made my bed and took the govers (I'm including the original spelling as well, yes I meant covers) off and put them on again and made a big mess I fixed it and told Brad, not to hurt his feelings, that I was putting on my night gown. My birthday is a week from friday today is Monday. My birthday is May 25 1979, but it's 1990, 1979 was the year I was born.

I'm now just understanding the importance of journaling, the other day I was trying to recall on a specific time in my life and how I felt at that time and what happened exactly, I'm hoping I can find it in my journal. I usually remember to write in my journal twice a year but lately something has gotten into me and I have been writing in it at least once a week. It so important to remember the things that happen in our life that make us who we are!

With that being said this entery says so much about why my dating life was void in high school LOL

Oct 26 1991 Last night I went to my very first dance it was ok I got asked 4 times but I said no. Maren danced with Joshua Card (eeww) Mrs Larson and Mr Gordon danced. I learned the Midnight Slide, I had a good time.

I don't see anyone playing tag anymore, so I tag everyone who reads this to dig out your old journals and post some enterys, let me know if you do!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Loves to dance

Ana had another hula recital, I think she did so good for not going to hula the last couple of months!! Ana loves loves loves to dance!!