Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer fun

I have been going thru my summer pictures and just had to attempt to blog about it. We've been having a blast this summer, Jethro is really into fishing this year and so is Ana, so we've been doing a lot of fishing and hanging out at the lakes, reserviors and ponds. Ana has the lucky Barbi fishing pole and usually catches more fish than her dad.

Penina loves to copy Ana and tries to do everything Ana does. It is so fun to watch them play together. Penina is talking more and more everyday and loves to "fraw" aka draw. She had left her art work all over the table, couch and some of her toys but her favorite place to "fraw" is on her legs.

Baby number three has yet to be named, we haven't really found a name we both love and most likely won't until he's born. He is VERY active and kicks and punches harder than any of the girls ever did that I can rememeber. We are very excited for baby boy but at the same time I am nervous to have three monkeys to deal with, I know we will find our routine but its hard to imagine especially with Penina barely turning two I feel she will be more jealous and be a little more harder to cope with then usual uuugggg BUT we'll just have to see I hope and pray she will adjust fast!!