Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ana's hair

Ana's long hair has been a battle lately I love how it looks but I HATE washing it and combing it and so does Ana. Every time I say "Lets cut your hair Ana" She would say "Noooo" but if I caught her on just the right day she would say "ok" so one day she said "yes" I took her after school and we got it cut.
So we could donate it we got it cut shorter than we planned Jethro wasn't too happy about it when he first saw it but he came around. I was little sad about it as well but the more I play with it I LOVE it. Ana was pretty excited that her hair would be used for kids who need hair. Ana and I both agree that washing and combing it is a much more enjoyable experience even better for me because now I make Ana wash her own hair now that its short I know she can manage that task better than when it was long.