Monday, April 25, 2011


It was a Happy Easter despite the weather. We started our weekend off on Friday with and Easter Egg Hunt with the Fano family in our yard, small but it worked!

The Easter Bunny comes to our house on Saturday morning and left the kids a basket of toys and candy!

Saturday the kids hunted eggs at my mom’s house. My mom filled them up with candy and toys galore. Then my dad sent us off on a GPS egg hunt he set up for the adults. I didn't go on it because I had to feed the babe but it was fun to watch as everyone got in their cars and raced off and hilarious to watch as they pulled in and flew out of their cars looking for the last egg. Jethro lost our keys in the process which we later found in the road in front of the neighbors house. I was told later Jethro was racing so fast in the suburban that as he was turning the tires were screeching, so glad I didn't go or I would have been cussing him out for his driving.
When the final egg was found my mom pulled out a case of silly string and everyone went to town!! It was a crazy fun Easter!

I bought the girls Easter dresses back in January so I have been anticipating this day for a long time. I got them all ready for church and even though we were running late I had to get a picture but Penina and Tautua weren't cooperating. Penina kept looking away or not smiling and then Tautua was crying and started crawling away so these are the best I got. I think I am going to re-take them another day when Jethro is there to help me!

And of course whats Easter without colored Easter eggs.....


And Deviled Eggs.....mmmmmmmm