Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fano family update.....

I thought I was so done with blogging, but then I was up super early this morning thanks to my kids and thought I would catch up on reading everyones blogs. After doing that I wanted to blog again. Its so fun to see everyones families and where they are and what they are doing, I LOVE IT!! Thank you to all those to faithfully blog!

Here is a quick update of my family

Ana has started 1st grade and LOVES it. I miss her during the day but its nice to have more time and attention for the other two because once Ana comes home from school its a whirlwind of craziness....homework, piano, soccer keeps us busy every night until bed time but its a fun time!!

She is such a poser!

Penina turned 3 this year! I failed as a parent because of our busy scheduel I didn't have any presents bought for Penina by the time her birthday arrived, and because Ana had a soccer game the night of Peninas birthday we decided to celebrate the next day. So that night after I put the kids to bed I ran to Walmart and got Peninas presents. I felt bad the whole day because she didn't have any idea it was her birthday, but I made up for it the next day, I got the house decorated and presents wrapped and ready for her to have first thing in the morning!! She seemed to enjoy it and fell asleep with her favorite present from grandma Laraine!!

Tautua is growing so fast and is sooooo busy. He is 11 months and LOVES to climb! I have to trap him sometimes just to get stuff done. He isn't walking yet and I'm not so sure I want him to. He is so different than my girls he is more curious and gets into my cupboards, the girls never really did any of that. The one thing he does that makes me laugh he has figured out how to turn on the bath water. As soon as I turn it off he pulls himself up and turns it on and sits down as fast as he can and screams and laughs.

He is such a monkey, but we love him!!


Maile Fano said...

cute pictures!

Mel said...

Thanks for the update! Great to see your family grow.

Nate and Jessica said...

Our lives are a lot alike right now! I love the new picture at the top of your blog.

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